Online Ordering Menu

A menu consists a of number of items which be be grouped however you like.

You can have multiple menus, one per store, or shared between them all. Pickup, Delivery and Catering can also have separate menus to give you full control.

Items can be unavailable or only available at certain stores, certain times of the day, and be out of stock. Prices can vary between store and time and much more.

Add an Item

Add Item on a category will create an item in that category.

Note: POS integration requires PLUs to be set on all items and modifiers

See also Importing from POS

Use the “Online Order Checker” from the menu to check for missing PLUs

Remove an Item

Navigate to an item from the menu, you can disable an item to hide it from the customer menu.

You could additionally remove an item from a tag by editing it and unchecking all tags.

Items with no tags can be found using the “All Items and Tags” button at bottom of the menu.

See also out of stock

Add a Category (Tag)

Add Tag on another Tag will create sub-group.

A Food group could have mutiple sub-groups. ie. Hot, Cabinet, Sides etc

Group items just like you would on a printed menu. Items can also be added to multiple groups.

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