📣 On Demand Delivery with Door Dash

We’re thrilled to unveil a partnership between Appropo and DoorDash, bringing you seamless on-demand delivery services that will transform your business.

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In-store Kiosk

Kiosk Menu
Kiosk Item
Kiosk Shopping Cart
Kiosk Order Complete

Introducing Appropo Kiosk - the ultimate solution for restaurants looking to streamline their ordering process and take their customer experience to the next level!

With Appropo Kiosk, you can say goodbye to long lines and slow service. Our kiosk seamlessly integrates with your existing Appropo Online Ordering setup, making it quick and easy to get started. And the best part? It frees up your staff from taking orders, allowing them to focus on what they do best - preparing and cooking delicious food!

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Usage Based Pricing

Pricing Changes

We’re changing our pricing model, beginning April 2023, to be more Usage based. This should better mean lower costs for some and higher costs for those making a lot of online sales and thus utilising a lot of out resources, we think this is more fair.

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2022 in Review


Quick Stats

342,287 Online Orders
Average order spend: $32.39 (⬆ $3)
Average orders per registered customer: 3.48 (⬆ 0.61)
Average orders per unregistered customer: 1.04
Average items per order: 2.5 (⬆ 0.05)
4,891 Items Upsold
47,761 new customers

8,000 Digital Vouchers
Average voucher amount $146.61

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Get Ready for Summer

Feels like summer is here already.
Here’s some tips and tricks to make the most of the great weather this summer.

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2021 in Review


Quick Stats

340,091 Online Orders
Average spend: $29.12
Average orders per registered customer: 2.87
Average orders per unregistered customer: 1.04
Average items per order: 2.45

New Features

  • Xero Partnership
  • Ordering timeslots
  • Payment Gateway Surcharges
  • New Reports
    • Sales by platform
    • Sales by loyalty status
  • Item Upsell (Web)
  • Tranxactor Gift Card Payments
  • Food Allergy Disclaimer
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