WizBang OneTap

Loyalty and Sales import connects to a central server for multi-store (ROSS) or direct to the store POS database for a single store.

The OneTap API needs to be setup and internet accessible. Enter the IP and Port of this server to the OneTap Integration, as well as the username and password

Use the test button to check that we can connect


For loyalty account creation, add the account type id. This corresponds to the account type setup in OneTap and we’ll make new accounts using this.


Bulk pre-allocation of accounts is required for multi-site ROSS setups


The easiest barcode for scanning is CODE128, by default the card number is encoded in the barcode.

Sentinel characters can be added around the card number eg. %<CARDNO>?

Account Pre-allocation

By pre-allocating a batch of accounts in OneTap, you can set an initial loyalty balance and have it available to a customer immediately after they sign up.

Preallocation needs to be done in OneTap and then the account range needs to be added to the integration settings in Appropo.

1000 accounts is a good place to start, for example an arbitrary range of 80000 to 81000

We’ll notify you when we’re reaching the end of the currently allocated batch

Sales Reporting

With the API setup, you can turn on sales importing in the Sales tab of the OneTap integration.

We’ll pull in sales periodically throughout the day, and use these for reporting.

Online Ordering (WIKOS)

All the items you wish to be order-able need to be added to Appropo and each item and modifiers corresponding item/modifier id needs to be added to the appropriate items as a PLU


Master Ids (MASIDS) need to be enabled for multi-site ROSS setups

There is an online checker in the menu which will show items and modifiers that are not setup fully.

Import Item

Storefront -> Store Settings -> Store -> Recieving Orders

  1. Click WIKOS Menu button
  2. Find item and click import to create a new Item
  3. Edit name, description
  4. Tick in menu Tags
  5. Save

Modifiers are still setup manually, once you’ve setup the modifiers on an item, the modifier PLUS will need to be copied from the WIKOS menu


If you have a product with a small and a large, you likely have two items in your POS e.g. regular mocha and large mocha. We can present these two sizes together in one Appropo item.

  1. Create a Mocha Item
  2. Don’t set any PLU for the item
  3. Add an options group “Size”
  4. Tick “primary”
  5. Add two options to the size group and set the item PLUS on each option along with the price

Store Settings

WIKOS needs to be added to each store and made internet accessible

In the store setting for online ordering.

  • Select WIKOS as the ordering provider
  • Set the store WIKOS IP and port i.e

Use the test button to check that we can connect

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