Get Ready for Summer

Feels like summer is here already.
Here’s some tips and tricks to make the most of the great weather this summer.

Holiday Hours

If you’re closed or have different hours for summer or the public holidays. Then now is a great time to schedule those in.

  • From your store settings,
  • Under opening hours,
  • You’ll see “upcoming holidays”.
  • Click “Set Hours“ on a holiday prompt
  • Or create your own “New Event”
  • Enter any changes to opening hours or tick “Closed“
  • “Update” to confirm

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers by Appropo is a simple e-voucher solution that integrates with your OneTap Point of Sale

Vouchers and Gift Vouchers are great ways for customers to support your business, you can benefit from the cash flow and customer word of mouth to bring you more business.


Try out our new Gift Experiences, they allow you to create a package offer with a fixed price.
e.g. Dinner for Two, Christmas Hamper, High Tea


You could also run a bonus credit marketing campaign with Gift Vouchers purchased during Decemeber.
e.g. Buy a $100 Gift Voucher and Receive $110 (10%) in Credit

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Order at Table

QR Code to order from your table

With dine in restrictions in place this Summer, Order at Table can help reduce your staff costs.

Let customers order from their table, prepay and then serve up the food or drinks when they are ready. It reduces contact and helps you focus on running food and beverages and not waiting around as customers decide.

Many customers enjoy taking time to browse and decide what to order. This breathing room can help with upsell conversion and customers can view all the options and decide in their own time.

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Guest Checkout

Guest checkout lets new customers order quickly and without needing to sign up. After their first order they are prompted too sign up for future orders.

To enable guest checkout, make sure “Only Prepay” is enabled on the Pickup/Delivery/Catering or Order at Table settings.

Then check “Enable Guest Checkout” from the main Ordering Settings

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