Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers (E-Vouchers) for OneTap POS

Vouchers by Appropo is a simple e-voucher solution that integrates with your OneTap Point of Sale

Vouchers and Gift Vouchers are great ways for customers to support your business, you can benefit from the cash flow and customer word of mouth to bring you more business.

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Generation 2 Apps

Screenshot of the Mexicali Fresh iOS App
Second screenshot of the Mexicali Fresh iOS App
Burger Wisconsin iOS App Screenshot 1
Burger Wisconsin iOS App Screenshot 3

We’re starting to rollout generation 2 Apps. These are all new mobile Apps with some new templates.

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Online Eftpos and Autopay is live

Illustration of a smart phone and a payment

Online Eftpos is a boon for e-commerce it’s reduced fees and increased security makes it more cost effective and places less demands on merchants.

We’re please to announce that we launched Online Eftpos support this week, and we think it’s great.

Online Eftpos enables your customers to pay online using their smartphone. Not only is it fast and easy, it’s also one of the most secure payment methods available today.

ASB, Cooperative and Westpac Banks are supported and others are in the works.

ASB Bank Logo Cooperative Bank Logo Westpac Bank Logo
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