Receiving Orders

Once an order has been placed, a store will receive an order via a one or more of these methods.


If no POS ordering integration is setup, an email will be send to a store.

If a POS integration fails for any reason (no internet, invalid format) an email will be sent instead.

You can also enable “double confirm” to always receive an email.


From your storefront you can open the orders dashboard. It will automatically update as orders come in and you can mark them as done to dismiss them.

There is also a separate dashboard to view future orders so you can prep ahead of time if necessary.

POS Integration

If you have a POS system which can handle incoming orders it can allow seamless integration with your in store orders, docket printers etc.

Wizbang OneTap

WIKOS is a Wizbang add-on for Online Ordering, it needs to be setup on a stores’ POS machine and make accessible (externally accessible port) over an internet connection.

OneTap can be setup to automatically print dockets when a new order comes in.

If you enable pay in store, the order sits in an open


When an order is placed but you don’t get it:

Check that we can reach your store? Use the test button in the store settings.

Restart your POS machine, this can fix a whole host of problems.

Check the failure email we send, this includes the error message and a suggestion on how to fix.

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