Opening Hours

The opening hours are displayed and also used for online ordering times

Note: Online ordering stops 15 mins before closing

Set opening times per day, in 24 hour time 09:00-15:30 or comma delimit pairs for multiple open/closes per day i.e. 09:00-11:00,15:30-19:00


If you store is open until late/early, you’re opening times need to be split across days.

For example if you’re open from 5pm to 2am on Friday night, then the opening hours are as follows.

Day Hours
Friday 17:00-24:00
Saturday 00:00-02:00,17:00-24:00

Note: Despite the split between days, online ordering will not close 15 mins before midnight


You can set different hours or be closed for holidays or events from the scheduler or from store settings -> opening hours. If your store region is set, public holidays will prompt you to set hours if you like.

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