Store settings can be found under Storefront > Store Settings > Store Name


Contact Details will be publicly visible, except for External ID


The store name, or location that customers could used to identify this store


A disabled store will not be visible to customers

Use this to setup a new store and enabled it when it opens.


A single valid email address.

Email address is used a a fallback for online orders, you can also enable “email double confirm” for orders to always get a email for an order


The store phone number for customers to call if they want to cancel an order for example.


This is used to automatically determine regional public holidays.


The store address, this will shown to customers as checkout and in their order receipt.

Latitude, Longitude

For a more precise store location, you can set the GPS coordinates.

Legal Company Name

(for x Trading as y) in invoice emails.

GST Number

Required for invoice emails.

External ID

Set the External ID to match your third party integration.

For OneTap ROSS setups, use Remote Location ID.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Other ways customers can get in touch and follow this store.

Opening Hours

Set your normal weekly opening hours, and also any one off hour changes or store closures.

Stores can also have different opening hours for Delivery, Catering or Eatin.

There will also be prompts for an upcoming public holidays.

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Receiving Orders

Settings for how we will send orders to the store.

  • Email
  • Dashboard
  • POS Integration

Email will also be used as a fallback option if a POS integration fails for any reason.

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Payment Gateways

Setup one or more online payment options for customers, we support all major New Zeland payment gateways.

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Each store can have multiple checkouts which can have different rules, menu, opening hours or payment requirements.


Is this checkout available for customers.

Note and After checkout note

Add a note before and after the customer checks out.

During Covid level 2 and 3, this is where you could add information about contactless pickup or delivery.


Use a different menu for this checkout. e.g. a for delivery or catering.

Only Prepay

Require orders to be prepaid, setup a Payment Gateway first.

Require phone numbers

Require a customer phone number for an order, we validate the phone number format (length and prefix) but not if it’s a real phone number.

Email double confirm

Check this to always send order emails

Additional Email address

Add any emails to also receive order emails, in addition to the store email.

Advanced orders

Can customers select a time in the future?

  1. Disabled
  2. Same day
  3. 1 day
  4. Up to 7 days in advance

When disabled orders can only be placed during opening hours and customers cannot select a time

Hold advanced orders

By default we hold onto orders until just before they need to be prepare. Otherwise an order for later that day or in a day or two is sent through as soon as a customer makes it and it’s up to you to prepare it at the right time.

Wait Time

Schedule the base wait time to complete an order, by hour, day of the week and checkout type.

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Use this for your basic Click and Collect.

If you have items that need more than a few hours notice to prepare, consider using the Catering checkout


Payment on Delivery Options

  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • Credit/Debit
  • Paywave

We’ll let cusotmers know what options you provide

Minimum spend

Requires an order to be at least this value. (Dollars)

Note: uses the order total including any fees or discounts

Delivery regions

Setup multiple circles with different delivery fees

Different Hours

If you have different delivery hours

Delivery Integration

  1. Webhook
  2. GetSwift


Advanced orders

Up to 30 days in advance.

Minimum Duration

In hours what’s the minium time for a catering order to be complete.

eg. 24 hours for a cake to be baked.

Minimum spend

Requires an order to be at least this value. (Dollars)

Note: uses the order total including any fees or discounts.

Different Hours

If you have different catering hours.

Table Service (Eatin)

Different Hours

If you have different eat in hours.


Add a list of table numbers and add a location hint.

Download QR Codes and put them on each table in store.

Changing Ownership

When changing the legal ownership of a store, eg. when a business is sold.

Update the following:

  1. Legal Company Name
  2. GST Number
  3. Disabled the current Payment Gateway and add a new one
  4. Remove the old admin owner or remove the particular store permission if they still own another store
  5. Invite the new owner, most store owners only need permissions for their store and ‘finances’
  6. If using Xero, disconnect the previous owners Xero organisation and connect to new owner

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