Our pricing system is very flexible and can be made to support a wide range of prices that vary between store, time of day, day of the week, or start and end dates for price changes.


  • Base Price

Each item can have multiple prices, a price with no conditions is the default price.

You can add a conditional price for a store or a particular day part, or a new price that takes affect on a date.

If you have a size for your product you can leave the base price as 0 and have the entire price in the options. Alternatively you can use base price and have the size options have pricing for the difference.

  • Option Pricing

Each option can also have it’s own pricing, with the same conditions as the base price.


Per store pricing

Add an new price and select the store

Scheduled pricing

Add an new price and select a day part for recurring times/days, or set a start or end date


You can add a surcharge for a particular day using a scheduled event

This will add a % surcharge to all items for that day.

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