All items are available by default, adding anything will reduce how available an item is.

An unavailable status removes an item for sale. An available status is the opposite and indicates when an item is available for sale, outside of the available conditions the item will not be for sale.

eg. Out of Stock would be unavailable, Only for sale on Friday would be an available with a condition of Friday.

Out of Stock

Browse to an item in your menu, there’s two buttons to mark an item as out of stock.

An out of stock item

Until end of day

This button marks it as out of stock until tomorrow, this best for items that you’ve run out of today but will have more tomorrow.

Note: we don’t currently have a way to make an ingredient out of stock, this is in our development plan. Contact support if you’re interested in this.

Until further notice

This button marks it as out of stock, you’ll need to come back and dismiss the out of stock notice when the item is back in stock.

Limited Time

Availability can be used for a number of situations. For limited time items, for items that are only sold at one store, or for items only available during part of a day or week.

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