The Xero Integration creates draft invoices in Xero using the data from your daily cashups


What does the integration do?

Invoices are created at 5:00am NZST for the previous day, multiple Cashups (ie. for seperate tills) are combined into one invoice. If no Cashups are found we will retry a few more times over the next few days.

Getting started

Connecting Xero

  1. Find the Xero Integration under Settings
  2. Click “Connect to Xero”
  3. Select an Organisation (if you have multiple)
  4. Accept the connection
  5. Click ‘Configure’ on your Store
  6. Select the Xero Organisation
  7. Click ‘Next’
  8. Select a Xero Contact, they will be the target of invoices
  9. Click ‘Save’

Customising Account Mappings

  1. Find the Xero Integration under Settings
  2. Click ‘Account Mapping’ int eh top right
  3. Add the Xero Account (GL) codes to each
  4. Remove ones you don’t want


Q. How to ignore a line on the Cashup, ie. Tender - Amount - Cash?
A. Add an Account Mapping for the Cashup line name eg. Tender - Amount - Cash and set the Account Code to 0.

Q. Can each store has it’s own Account Mappings?
A. Yes, you can use the Configure link to add Mappings just for that store.

Q. Can I connect multiple Xero Organisations?
A. Each store location can be connected to one Xero Organisation.

Q. How can I remove the Xero integration for a store?
A. Configure the store and unselect the Xero Organisation.

Q. How can I remove the Xero integration completely?
A. Click the Xero Organisation at the bottom to of the screen and accept the popup to remove the connection to Xero. You can also remove the connection from within Xero under Connected Accounts.

Account Reference

  • Food - Amount
  • Food - Credit Notes
  • Food - Discount
  • Beverage - Amount
  • Beverage - Credit Notes
  • Beverage - Discount
  • Tips - Amount
  • Tips - Credit Notes
  • Rounding - Amount
  • Account Amount
  • Account Discount
  • Account Discount - Loyalty
  • Account Charged
  • Account Charged - Gift Card
  • Tender Amount
  • Tender Amount - EFTPOS
  • Tender Amount - MasterCard EFTPOS
  • Tender Amount - VISA EFTPOS
  • Tender Amount - Amex EFTPOS
  • Tender Amount - UberEats
  • Tender Amount - Cash
  • Tender Counted
  • Tender Discrepancy
  • Tender Discrepancy - Cash
  • No Sale
  • No Sale - Gift Card
  • No Sale - Petty Cash

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