When a customer signs up they can be asked to opt-in to marketing. With a Mailchimp integration setup, they will then be placed into a Mailchimp list.

We can push name, email, point balance, last visit, and total spend etc. to Mailchimp. You can use Mailchimp filters to selectively email your customers.

We’ll also update Mailchimp lists when a customer details update.

You might want to send them a welcome email when they sign up, or a reward on their birth day/month.

Filters and automated out reach can be setup in Mailchimp


You’ll need a mailchimp account and to setup a list with the fields you want to populate (name, birth month, points etc).


All fields (other then email) should be optional as not all customers will have data in all fields.

From the list options you’ll find the List ID, you’ll also need to create an API Key from your account.

Merge Fields

These fields ae availble for use in MERGE FIELDS

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth Month
  • Primary Store
  • RFM
  • RFM Segment Name
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Loyalty Card Number
  • Loyalty Dollars


Not all customers will have values for each merge field, only ‘email’ should be a required field.


Tags are automatically added to customers.

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