Push Notifications

Push notifications are small messages that will popup on a customers phone. Customers need to opt-in and they can block push notifications at any time.


Choose a target audience by store or segment, this is more effective than sending to all. Tailor your message to this audience and keep it short and sweet.


Set the send time for a push notification. This is the time we will start sending.

Note: it takes about 30 mins to send 10,000 notifications, so keep that in mind when setting the send time

Rich push content

First create a banner(text) or announcement(text+image) from the editor

Then select a Banner or Announcement in the push notification form, when a customer taps on the notification or the in App banner/announcement they will be shown the body content.

Body content is written in markdown and can contain, headers, paragraphs, images, links, and embedded video.

View the markdown guide.

Track Item sales

If you’re sending a notification about a new product or just trying to boost sales of an existing one. We’ll track the sales of this item and you can view the conversion rate of customer who received the message and then purchased the item. We also break down return customers, new sign ups and average order size. This should give you a good picture of how the notification has affected sales and purchasing behaviour.

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