Getting Installs

The first step is making you customers aware that you have an App or website for Online Ordering and/or Loyalty.

You’ll get the most out of Appropo if you have a concerted effort in store and online (social media) to drive your customers to your App.

We provide install links, AppStore and PlayStore banner images and QR codes for printing.

TODO: Google Play image TODO: apple AppStore image TODO: QR code

Uber Eats

TODO: Uber Eats logo

Uber Eats has a large customer base and it is convenient for customers to use but it eats into your margin and ability to operate profitably.

If you can convert Uber Eats customers after their first order, with offers of loyalty rewards or other minor discounts, you’ll be able to transfer some of them to pick up customers and grow loyalty for your brand instead of Uber Eats.

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