Gen 1 - Legacy


Generation 1 Apps are being phased out, if you haven’t already been contacted by Appropo about a update to Generation 2, then please contact us. Generation 2 Apps have improved usability and are easier to maintain.

Generation 1 App Editor


The Main Page is the first page to be displayed on App launch.

Some Templates have a menu, Show in Menu will add the page to it.


  • Button
  • Banner
    • Image Carousel
    • Image Button
  • Map
  • About
  • Text
  • Web View

Style / Brand

  • Logo
  • Icon
  • Navigation Background
  • Page Background
  • Colour
    • Brand
    • Text
    • Primary header background
    • Primary header text
    • Secondary Header
    • Interactive (Links/Buttons)
    • Background

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