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Do you have limited time items? Does your kitchen close an hour earlier? Are you busier on a friday night?

We can handle a wide range of time and day based scenarios, for items, categories and prices.

Day Parts

A schedule is a collection of day parts, each day part represents a time range and/or a day.

Examples include, a day part for Monday, a day part for breakfast (eg 7am to 9am), a day part for Happy hour (5pm to 7pm Friday and Saturday)

A day part can then be used to set the wait time for orders, as part of a rule for item availability or to control pricing.

Day parts give you the flexibility to control your menu.

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Wait Time

Wait time is used to calculate an orders ETA, does it usually take 5 minutes to make a customers coffee? Then set the wait time to 5 mins.

Does it take longer on Saturday morning due to increased volume? Then set the wait time to 10 mins for Saturday Morning.

We can easily handle complex scenarios

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Event/Holiday hours

Closed on a public holiday, reduced hours or open with a surcharge?

A event can be added to the schedule

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