Upselling encourages customers to order more items, including high profit margin items like side, drinks or desserts.

Customers are more likely to upsell or addon to their meal when they have time and space to browse the menu


Thoughtful upselling can improve customer satisfaction, by recommending item pairings that improve the customers meal.

You’re in control of how you setup your upsells, recommend sides or drinks to go with mains, or other vegetarian items to go with vege items.


Give customers the option to upsize, add or customise their order. Paid addons can have good profit margins and give customers a way to make a meal theirs.


Upsells show as recommended items, and addons can be grouped together for item customisation.

Burger Wisconsin: Item and Addon Upsells
Rice Rice Baby: Item Upsells
Table of Contents
  1. Items
  2. Addons
  3. Examples

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