Customer Analytics

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Get the customer insights you need to make your business more effective and improve customer experience and loyalty.

Improve your conversion rates and reduce marketing cost by making it more effective with targeted offers and content.

We keep track of customer purchasing habits, recent and lifetime, total and average spends, the number of visits and the last time they visited.

Customer Insights

We’ve applied a classification technique from Retail to Hospitaility which groups and classifies customers based on their spending habits.

Recency, Frequency and Monetary or RFM segments your customers, it’ll show you your big spenders, bargin hunters and regulars (to name a few).
Better than that, you can identify customers who need attention, and are at risk of leaving.

Using segment names, we can see where we should direction our marketing effort.

Further reading on RFM score

RFM Chart


Use customer segements and filters within Appropo for targeted marketing.

With an App you can send push notifcations directly to customers, and track the conversion of taps to sales.

We can also sync data with EDM providers, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. Use the same segments to send more efficent marketing emails.

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